“In February 2017 I moved into a new home with my 5 year old son. Even though we were excited about the new surrounding being very near water and lagoons, we both experienced restless sleep every night by waking up in the morning completely sleep deprived. My son kept rolling off his bed a few times over the nights and wet his bed, which was unusual. I personally felt the typical symptoms of insomnia after a string of superficial sleeps. I felt dizzy in the mornings and during my restless tossing and turning my body started to numb on my left side. This peculiar physical phenomena got me quite alarmed and I called Hajni for help as I knew how precisely she works with finding the undercurrent waterlines and magnetic Earth lines (Hartman Grid), which I had been aware of before I moved to Australia from Europe. Hajni’s expertise and accurate dowsing with her brass rod detected major undercurrent waterlines running under both my son’s and my beds and also some crossing Hartman lines! We had to move our beds straight away into neutral positions where we could no longer experience these physical disturbances and discomforts. Thanks a million to Hajni’s amazing ability, we have been able to sleep better ever since!”

Emese & Benjamin BB, Noosa Heads, QLD

” I had the pleasure of meeting Hajni at a local event where she shared her knowledge and experiences with us. We were talking about animals & how cats love the negative energies; which led to how my own cat sleeps in the one spot on my bed each & every night and how I toss & turn each night. Hajni checked the water & energy lines in my bedroom and I had water running straight through my bed, the bed was shifted on the spot to a more suitable position and since this shift I have had the pleasure of sleeping better each night and waking up refreshed. I recommend the services of Hajni to anyone who is looking for some answers.”

Katrina Croton, Sacred Healing Centre Landsborough

“Thank you so much Hajni! My daughter (4 yr old) slept through for the first time ever after we moved her bed. She wakes happier and calmer…we all do”

Alexi Cox, Dragan Farm