All diseases are multifactorial, and have multiple causes. Earth radiation is one of these factors but a very important one. Just imagine that we have gas in a room. It will only burn if there are three things present : gas, pressure and spark. It works similarly with disease, Earth radiation can be one of the causes and it is in our best interest to avoid it.

Geopathic radiation has an increasing effect on mankind today. As a consequence of external effects we become more vulnerable and weaker and even a small amount of negative radiation can damage us.

Modern understanding of Geopathic Stress recognises a number of different sources. Generally the most dangerous are the harmful underground water veins. Also important are geological faults, mineral deposits, ley line crossings and global geomagnetic grid crossings. Latterly, man-made disturbances to the earth’s surface can give rise to further distortions, including quarries and mines; building foundations, especially tall buildings with steel pilings; tunnels, sewers, drains, buried utility pipes and wires; as well as artificially created electromagnetic fields from overhead or underground cables and electricity generating stations and sub-stations.

These are the three basic harmful radiations.

The Hartmann Grid

Flow of magnetic energy that comes from the burning magma inside the Earth. This was described first by Dr Ernst Hartmann German geo-biologist in the 1960’s. The essence of his findings is that our planet is surrounded by harmful zones much like circles of latitude and longitude. It appears as a structure of radiations rising vertically from the ground like an invisible net. They are going from north to south and from east to west and they are 25-30 cm wide and encountered at constant intervals of 2 meter. The net widens a bit towards the equator and narrows towards the poles. It’s widths depends on meteorological conditions as well.

Between these lines lies a neutral zone which is approximately 2m x 2m .

Where ever two rays cross – a “Hartmann Knot”, a geopathogenic point is found. It’s a 40% stronger dosage of radiation than a Hartmann line itself. These knots especially constitute much of a health hazard like chronic inflammations, oophoritis, frontal sinusitis, cystitis, cardiac arrhythmia etc.

Underground Water

Underground waters also emit harmful vibrations. They are more dangerous to our health than Hartmann zones.

As water flows through underground passages, fractures and fissures, it produces its own electromagnetic field, often high into microwave frequency. This field fluctuates depending on what is dissolved in it, how fast it is flowing, and whether it is interacting with any other type of earth energy. Interference with the earth’s natural energy field is particularly marked where these underground streams flow, and especially at the crossing points of two watercourses or other types of energy line.

It is a fact that life could not exist on Earth if there were no water and underground streams. We, radiesthesists are concerned about underground streams running under apartments and houses because they can cause serious diseases.

You will find more health issues in chapter ‘Effects to health’. Now just some of them:

If someone sleeps above an underground stream lengthtwise, there is a great chance of disease developing like leukemia, lymph node, arthritis, sclerosis multiplex, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and development disorder.

If the underground stream runs under the head sideways then cataract may develop for example.

In the case the underground stream runs across the abdomen, it may cause kidney problems, allergies, hematemesis (vomiting blood), development disorder, infertility, miscarriage, inflammation of the gallbladder.

Typical asthma causing zone is the cross stream under chest region.

If a stream is crossed by a Hartmann line, at the node cancerous tumours often develop.

With the presence of underground water adverse health effects may include deprivation of regenerating sleep, enhanced production of microbes encouraging mould and rot.

Electrical and electromagnetic fields, microwaves

The increasingly widespread possibility of exposure to man-made electrical and electromagnetic stresses can have great negative impact on the health of an individual.

Any cable carrying electric current generates a magnetic field. If the current is strong enough and the patient’s exposure to the generated magnetic field is of sufficient duration, first the subtle polarity balances and flows within that patient’s bio-energetic fields become affected, and later changes in the cellular regulating mechanisms arise of a similar nature to those found in conditions of natural Geopathic Stress.

Electromagnetic waves are known to cause changes in enzymes, hormones, and blood sugar levels, heating of the skin and its nerve endings, and with more protracted exposure the coagulation of protein cells. These effects are amplified where a person is wearing metal objects, in the form of rings, zips, spectacles, hearing aids, buckles, watches, jewellery, or metal teeth fillings. These metals produce secondary resonances within the bio-energetic field whenever one is in contact with anything electrical (AC or DC), or with electromagnetic radiation – for example household electrical equipment, cars, computers, fluorescent lighting, telephone switchboards; TVs, radios, microwave transmitters or ovens; and high voltage transformers, transmission cables.

The pineal gland is the principal structure in the brain that is directly sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field. As a result it functions abnormally when exposed to abnormal fields close to its own. Because the pineal gland produces a host of psychoactive chemicals (such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin and others) its abnormal functioning can cause neurological and behavioural problems.