Colour coding:

  • Underground water: between blue ribbons
  • Magnetic/Hartman-radiation: between green ribbons

At the crossing of Magnetic-lines there are at least 40% more radiation –> very unhealthy at shoulder and head level. People can get stiff neck and shoulder after getting up or even develop chronic respiratory diseases. Underground-water hits lengthwise left side sleeper –> overall lack of energy state, chronic fatigue, numbness in limbs etc.

The most unhealthy spot is at the crossing of Underground-water and Magnetic-line (see picture on Effect to health page). Bed has been shifted elsewhere.

Sleeping above a Magnetic-line lengthwise can generate general sickness, bad general condition, infertility, constant depression. Because of the crossing line at kidney level you can get kidney and liver diseases, cysts, ulcer, allergies, epigastric complaints etc.

Right side sleeper getting up totally tired, sleep deprived with neck and shoulder pain plus because of the underground stream at knee & leg level she/he can develop knee joint inflammation or varicose veins.

Due to the magnetic cross lines (there is a hardly visible one at head-shoulder level) and water radiation this bed was under great Geopathic stress, it had been immediately moved to the other side of the room. Children’s bed were effected too by magnetic radiation at chest level.

Hartman cross at head level–> fatigue, lack of concentration, stiffness in the neck, chronic respiratory disease

Little girl swapped side, that way her legs doesn’t reach out until the end of bed. She is safe from Geopathic stress.

After spleeping only a couple of months in this bed, left sleeper complained for continuous lack of energy state, tiredness after getting up each morning and respiratory disease. Bed had been removed straight away.