Persistent harmful radiation will cause serious illness after a few month in some people, and after years in others. Problems will most probably arise after 3-4 years, that is the period which is needed for radiation to have an effect on some part of the body. Imagine being exposed to radiation 8 hours a day for 4 years. That is a large dose.

The consequences of geophatic radiation

Hartmann line crosses the body

If a Hartmann line crosses the body lengthwise, the whole aura becomes thinner. It loses the energy and protecting ability providing a good chance for illness to attack and causes constant exhaustion.

If a Hartmann line crosses the body crosswise, then according to where it crosses chronic inflammations, allergies, blood pressure problems may develop, menstrual problems, headaches may occur, shoulders are constantly stiff.

  • frequent headaches
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • anxiety
  • hearing loss
  • eyesight damage
  • neck stiffness
  • hair loss
  • chronic oophoritis
  • infertility prostatitis
  • impotence
  • menstrual disorders
  • fluctuation of blood pressure
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • inflammatory joint pain
  • musculoskeletal illnesses
  • abdominal and epigastric complaints
  • heartburn
  • allergies
  • cysts
  • general bed condition
  • constant sickness
  • infertility

Diseases caused by Hartmann node

A Hartmann node causes serious problems, chronic inflammations like oophoritis, frontal sinusitis, cystitis, cardiac arrhythmia etc. An interesting fact is that above a Hartman node children are hyperactive and they cannot pay attention.

  • epilepsy
  • brain tumour
  • cysts
  • increased damage to sight and hearing
  • allergies
  • ulcer
  • cysts
  • kidney and liver problem
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • chronic pharyngitis
  • tonsillitis
  • heart attack
  • thyroiditis
  • chronic shoulder arthritis
  • knee joint inflammation
  • cystitis
  • chronic inflammations

Harmful radiation emitted by underwater streams

According to many cases underwater stream node at the head level can cause suicidal tendency. An interesting fact that if a child’s desk is above an underwater stream, as soon as the child sits down he/she becomes sleepy and can not pay attention. That is the cause of ‘Dead Zones’ on the roads as well.

  • leukemia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • sclerosis multiplex
  • Bechterew’s disease
  • vasoconstriction
  • cataract
  • hearing loss
  • lung disease
  • asthma
  • thyroid problems
  • arteriosclerosis
  • Crossing point: cancerous tumours in all organs it touches