My name is Hajni. I am not a witch nor a psychic. I am a mother of two beautiful children, I am a wife, I am a dowser or if you like a radiesthesist living on the Sunshine Coast.

I was trained in Hungary – where I am from – to detect different radiations coming from the Earth. I would like to spread the importance of using radiesthesia to prevent us from getting sick, to avoid doctors, hospitals, chemical treatments.

We should recognise that dowsing our place of residence is a must. It used to be the practice in most of the cultures a couple of hundred years ago. We have lost interest in this knowledge in the modern times but and I am delighted to tell you that it is coming back because there is an increase in the number of Geopathic Stress related diseases.

In Switzerland, Germany, and in France the government encourages people to call a rediesthesist to measure their land before they build a house on it. The government pays the bill. Why? Because this is the cheapest way of prevention. No hospital bills, expensive treatments. People stay healthy and are able to work longer. It’s that simple.

Unfortunately man has lost its direct contact with nature. Because our sensory abilities have weakened, we have to use special equipment (rod, pendulum) to sense radiation.

As a dowser, with the help of my L-shape rod, I am able to detect Geopathic Stress, I map out your bedroom or office and I show those spots where harmful radiations are presented. Your task is to move your bed / office table to the harm free spot. This way your aura is not weakening anymore, you avoid to put extra burden to your immune system, you stay healthy. If you are already sick after finding the right resting place your body finally will be able to heal itself and restore your health.

The essence of radiesthesia is not that it can cure cancer or other serious illnesses but it can pinpoint places where there is a great chance of these diseases developing.

Harmful Earth radiation can be the main cause of our bad health but even if it is just one of the reasons of our health issue, it is in our best interest to avoid it!

Our ancestors new something, let’s learn from them.

It is so simple, please take a chance!